If You Love Issues, You’ll Really Love Booking with an Online Travel Agency

When things go wrong, at least you have yourself to rely on!

Everyone knows if you need an answer, you search online. So if you’re looking to plan your next vacation, the same must be true, right?

Booking through an online-only travel company advertising the best rates (in that big, red font!) is obviously the way to go (even if you can’t seem to find a phone number anywhere). In fact, they’re the perfect travel-planning companion if:

  1. You love being ignored. Timely responses? Who needs them! There’s nothing like a looming departure date—or a problem in your destination!—to motivate you to figure out the answer on your own.
  1. When you make plans, you want them set in stone. If you commit to that trip, you’re going. End of story. Getting sick or needing to quarantine? Never going to happen. Unexpected emergency? You’ll take your chances, thanks. All you have to lose is the entire cost of your trip!
  1. Tracking down a live person on social media is your favorite pastime. After not getting a single reply to two dozen emails, you can get your game on and mass message them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more rounds with a bot, the more satisfaction when you finally get a person … who tells you to send an email.
  1. Cheap can’t be beat! That’s your philosophy, and you’re sticking with it. You’re all about the price tag … no matter how much extra time and money you spend in the long run trying to get your vacation fixed.
  1. Talking to people is so 2019. Face-to-face or Zoom conversations? Hard pass. You’d much rather work with a bot. Sure, it only knows five responses, but there’s always Google for whatever question it won’t let you ask.
  1. Commercials are the ultimate sign of trustworthiness. If they’re on YouTube, they must be an amazing brand to work with. That money has to come from all those happy customers—you’re sure of it.
  1. You ping-pong between guessing and stressing. If you think something is right, it probably is. No one reads all those terms and conditions anyway. … Except then you have to make a change and find out there’s a huge fee. The fretting is worth it in the end, though. It has to be!

For your next getaway, why would you use an experienced travel advisor who literally books vacations for a living when you can go through a faceless OTA who never answers questions? Silence, they say, is golden. We’re sure, with your trip, you would agree.

Travel planning should give you anticipation—not anxiety. Trust a professional travel advisor to get you anywhere in the world you want to go AND be there to support you from first question asked to arrival back home.

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