Accessing your Client Portal

You will receive an email with a link/ button to access your portal.
In the email you click on the "Activate Now!" button at the bottom.

Once you have activated your account you may return to your portal either by clicking the activate now button in your email or by visiting https://perfectgetawaysllc.com and clicking the client portal button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on one of the online login providers to associate an account.
If you are already logged into your account you will be taken directly to your portal,
if not you will see a screen to log into your account.

  1. On your Dashboard you can see your own contact information, statistics on your travel,
    and your tasks that have been assigned by your agent.
  2. From Trip management & then My Trips you can see all of the trips we have planned for you.
  3. Clicking through to a trip you can see an over view of the trip information.
  4. You can easily, and securely, share documents with your agent by simply dragging and dropping documents here.
    If I have shared documents with you this is where you will see them listed as well.
  5. You can see a list of your bookings, final payment dates, and payments you have made.
  6. You can also view tasks that I send you for this trip.
  7. Clicking the Itinerary tab you can view all of the details for your trip.
  8. You can click the View Property link to see the details for that property.
  9. From the property you can view images and review details, and you can share the information to your social networks.
  10. We currently support Facebook and will be adding others soon.
    Your portal will never share or post anything automatically!
  11. When your friends click through on your post, they will see details about the destination.
    They will not see any confidential information about you or trip.
    They will see my contact information!
1 log in
2 welcome
3 trip management
8 itinerary
10 social sharing
12 my information