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Turtle Release Surfside Beach, SC 2017

I witnessed a turtle nest inventory and watched 3 babies that did not make it out of the nest get released and make their way to the ocean.

Avanti's Asia: Thailand

Find friendly and adventurous locals, exotic and tropical settings, cultural and historic sites. Thailand shines bright from its spectacular temples and unrivaled beaches to its people and their famous generosity. Unending coastlines, wild and lush islands, and thriving cities make this a tropical getaway for all types of travelers, from the introspective to the social adventurer. Cherished by all those in the know, Thai cuisine represents the people and culture of this country perfectly - spicy, warm, enlightened, and relaxed.

10 Cruise mistakes we will never make again

Hey Cruisers, In this video we are going to look at some of the lessons we've learned over the many years of cruising. We like to think these are 10 cruise mistakes we will never make again.

Posted by Perfect Getaways LLC on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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