Florida Club Med Trip 2017

Club Med offered a FAM trip for agents and their family to come and learn about and experience Club Med Sandpiper Bay in St. Lucie, FL and my husband and I jumped on the offer. My parents also joined us since they live in FL about 2 hours away from the location which was wonderful to spend time with them.

I wanted to share my trip with all of you and let you know about all the benefits of having an all-inclusive vacation at Club Med.

We did not have to be to Sandpiper Bay until Sunday but we left on Saturday so we could take our time driving down which made it nice and relaxing. We used to drive all the way in 1 day when we would go to Florida but we are not that young anymore...lol Our 1st stop Saturday evening was Hinesville, GA it was about 30 miles off the interstate but it was a good location and a beautiful drive back to the interstate the next day. We stayed at the Baymont Inn & Suites which was a very nice hotel and had a great breakfast the next day.


Day 2 off to Club Med Sandpiper Bay: We got a nice early start to our day which was good because it allowed us to take our time and as my husband would say we were doing tourist stuff… lol He said it that way because he is a Florida native and I had lived there off and on for many years. On top of that most of my family live either in Pennsylvania or Florida so I get to visit both places! When we finally entered Florida we stopped at the welcome center. (You always have to stop at the welcome center for your free samples of orange and grapefruit juice.) And of course take a picture of the Florida sign with people taking their photos under it and a photo of me next to a dolphin statue.


Well, we made it here around 3:00 or so and my parents pulled in about 10 minutes behind us. We got all checked in and then off to check out our rooms. (What beautiful rooms they are too and huge.) Every room has a balcony or if you are on the ground level a nice sitting area right outside your room.

     Here are some photos of our room.



A little information about Club Med. Club Med is 65 years old and the original all-inclusive resort. (Even the tips are included.) They are very sports/activity heavy, but they can also be very relaxing. It is your choice how you would like your vacation to go. There are 44 resorts in the sunny climates and 22 snow resorts 20 of them are in the Alps.

     Club Med Sandpiper Bay is located in St. Lucie, FL. Situated on 150 acres. It is a 3 – 4 trident resort (star). It is the only US all-inclusive resort at this time. This resort is perfect for families, couples,

meetings and events. Great place to have a family reunion. How about that business meeting, or company employee bonus getaway. (Due to the fact it is in the US it can be written off on taxes as a business expense. (When used for business purposes of course.)

     Sports include tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, swimming, paddleboarding, basketball, sailing, cardio-training and they are going to be starting pickle ball. Oh I forgot to mention Circus training… Yes they will really teach you how to fly on a trapeeze if you want to learn. They have free lessons in all the sports if you do them at their designated time with a group, or you may sign up for private lessons for a fee. You may also play 18 holes of golf for around $30.00 and this includes the golf cart. There are 4 pools, 20 tennis courts, 9 hole putting green, and 8 championship beach volleyball courts. For an extra fee they have tubing, jet skiing, flyboard, watersking, wakeboarding, private boat tour, fishing charter or sunset cruises.

     They are even a fully accredited school with There is a wonderful app called ClubMed and once you have downloaded it you can pick your resort and it will give you the schedule for the day and then you just go to where you want at that time. There is always something going on from yoga to water games and sports to entertainment. It is like a cruise without the ship.


Then you have the food! Oh My! You can eat all day long if you like. They have a wonderful buffet that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you missed any of the times for those meals they have a late breakfast place, a late lunch and late dinner place. Late breakfast is outside of the Riverside Grill and BBQ. Late lunch and dinner is on a deck with grab and go meals at Soleil, and your main buffet meals are in the Market Place. Then you have the specialty dining which is also included at the Riverside Grill and BBQ.

     Here are some pictures of the Riverside Grill and BBQ:


Here are some pictures from the Marketplace. Sorry about how messy the food looks we had to try a bit of all of it. Each area of the buffet has a cooking station where there is a chef preparing food right in front of you all the time so it is always hot and fresh. The chocolate bread is to die for. If you want to take any home make sure to order it 24 hours in advance.


I do not think I tasted anything I did not like.

     Ok enough about the food. Club Med Sandpiper Bay is a great place for families. While mom and dad are laying by the pool, playing a round of golf, taking sports lessons or getting a much-needed spa treatment, the kids will not be bored! They have kids clubs to keep them busy. Kids clubs are:

Baby Club Med (ages 4 to 23 months)

Petit Club Med (ages 2-3 years)

Mini Club Med ( ages 4-10 years)

Club Med Password “Latitude 27” (ages 11-17)

Petit Chef program

Kidz Village with art studio, water splash park, and petit sports (basketball, circus, golf, hockey, tennis, soccer, Zumbatonic)

Want to do some sightseeing they can accommodate that also. They have 7 different excursions you can choose from both half-day and full-day excursions. (For a Fee) Some of the other things they have for a fee are sports training packages, wellness packages, spa packages, and more.

     You never have to carry your wallet or any money around the resort with you as your tips are already included into the price of your stay and anything extra you just scan the cute little band they put on your wrist when you checked in. You do not even need a room key as this opens your door also.

     Ok enough about the resort. We met my parents for snacks and drinks on the patio before dinner. It is a nice location, they have music, trivia and other things going on there all the time. There are before dinner snacks every evening. 

     After dinner, they have different shows that are put on by the employees. One night the was a variety show with singing, dancing, comedy, and acrobatics. Another night there was a diving/pool show. Then a trapeze show and so on. There is always something after dinner. After the shows, they move you all to the club for drinks and dancing. They keep you going that is for sure, but only if you want to be. We did a lot of relaxing with a beverage…. Lol

Day 3: After a great night sleep (as the beds were very comfortable) I am off to a morning of training while my parents enjoyed some much-needed rest and my husband explored. We toured the property and learned all about the things Club Med has to offer.


My family and I met for a wonderful lunch and then some putt putt golf. After Putt-Putt we went and had drinks on the patio until it was time to get ready for dinner. If you have dinner in the Market place you must try the Chocolate bread it is to die for. There went my diet. After dinner we just enjoyed the evening sitting around visiting and watching the people.

Day 4: Another great night sleep and off to training again. Today’s training included some of the sports activities. I enjoyed 45 minutes of volleyball with a professional trainer and then 45 minutes of tennis again with a professional trainer and some of the group received golf lessons. It was very informative and enjoyable. After my morning workout ..lol  We had some lunch and then went back to our rooms to relax a little. We all ended up taking a nap…lol Went to dinner at the Riverside Grill tonight. If you love gourmet food then you will love this place as it was pretty and tasty.  Tonight after dinner we were going to go to the diving pool show but we had a storm roll in and it was cancelled. How dare they cancel the show that was going to happen in the water because of a storm with lightning…lol, So again we enjoyed one another’s company on the patio and watched all the dancing going on in the club.

Day 5: A day all to ourselves with no training. So we went to the beach and tried our hand at Kayaking. We did very well. Then my parents and husband got adventurous and tried stand up paddleboarding. That was a sight…lol, My husband did a good job at catching my mother, dad was not so lucky… lol, Robert did very well and paddled around for a bit. During breakfast the next morning we sat in awe as we watched a girl do yoga on a paddleboard in the water... WOW Sorry, no pictures of this.

Anyway, after that adventure, we decided to try Solei for a late lunch. While at lunch we met a cute couple who were there on their honeymoon and they said they were having a great time!

After lunch, we proceeded to the big pool to watch the activities. They had singing and dancing in and out of the pool. It was cute to watch. By the way, if you do not get to the pool early do not plan on getting a cabana. I think people put their stuff on it first thing in the morning and then go do other things because there were things on every one of them and after the activities, there were only about 5 people in the pool area. This is one thing I feel they should stop from happening. I think this was the only complaint I had. But we found some shade and lounged by the pool. After a while, we found they were having trivia on the patio so we headed there to join in. We did not do so well… lol, it was movie music trivia. So after our epic fails at trivia we decided to try the adults-only infinity pool. It was nice and right next to the Saint Lucy bay. There was also a hot tub. We enjoyed the water and the relaxation for a while and then off to get ready for dinner at the Market Place. Again another delicious dinner, and relaxing on the patio. Do not get me wrong there is a lot of stuff to do but we enjoyed visiting and meeting new people.

Day 6: Today we get to pack up to leave. We went and had a late breakfast at the Riverside Grill patio overlooking the Bay and watching the girl I told you about do yoga. Then it was time to say goodbye to my parents and on to our next part of the adventure.

Robert grew up in Lantana, FL and it has been a while since he has been back so we did a little sightseeing on our way up there to meet our family at Ocean Inlet Park.

     We stopped at Jupiter Inlet and then went and toured around the lighthouse. We could not go into the lighthouse as they were making repairs on it, but there was plenty of other stuff to see and the tour guide was very informative. There was also a huge Banyan tree. The cool thing about these trees is they drop tendrils down from the branches and once it hits the ground it digs in and then that tendril forms a new trunk to the tree. If I remember correctly she said there is one in India that occupies 3 acres.

From there we stopped by a beach and I picked up some shells while Robert took pictures, and then we were off again to the park to wait for the family and friends to join us.

It was a wonderful visit but way too short. From here we headed over to some friends house to spend the night. We stayed up late catching up and had a wonderful time. We planned on leaving by 8:00 am but we were enjoying ourselves so much we never left until noon.

Day 7: No sightseeing today since we left around noon, but we did stop to get a sub before leaving town from a local sub shop everyone talked about. It was good. So on the road toward home. Next stop Econo Lodge Pooler, GA. This hotel was ok but nothing to write home about. I did not like the fact the wooden floor had a huge dip in it and felt like you were going to fall through every time you stepped in that area (which you could not help but step there as it was on the way to the bathroom.) The sad thing is it cost us more than the Baymont Inn and Suites on the way down to Florida and the Baymont was much nicer. Sorry, the beds are a mess. I forgot to take photos before we started to settle in...lol

Day 8: ½ way home. Got to our son and daughter in laws around lunch time to pick up our furbabies, and she was sweet enough to have lunch ready for us. Spent a few hours visiting with them and then off to finish our last hour and 45 minute drive to home. Now all the unpacking and laundry begins and back to the normal everyday routines.


     I hope you all enjoyed our adventure with us and will join us again for our cruise in October 2017 on the MSC Divina I hope to have that blog out soon and yes I know it is already 2020...lol Maybe I will just do a photoblog and skip the writing...


See you next time!

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