11 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

By: Patrick Clarke May 01, 2018 published in Travel Pulse


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Helen C. from Rural Retreat, VA

While my trip was not a vacation, but rather an emergency trip to be with my father while he was in the hospital, Lesa was able to get me a better rate on my hotel room than the hotel offered to its loyalty customers.  The fact that she was able to find me a place to stay in the first place was amazing since all the hotels were totally booked for the time I needed to be there.  I really appreciate her attention to detail and her willingness to go out of her way to make sure I had a clean, safe, and excellent hotel for the duration of my stay.  I would highly recommend Lesa and Perfect Getaways for all your travel needs.

Carole R. from Lorida, FL


Lesa helped plan the dream of my lifetime adventure to Ireland and Scotland. I've had pictures of both countries on my wall for many, many years. And finally in May the pictures came to life. I tried to plan this trip myself and really got overwhelmed. 16 days to make arrangements for was mind boggling. I turned to Lesa, dropped what I wanted into her lap and let her run with it.  Best decision I ever made!!  From start to finish everything was perfect. She was always right there to answer any question or concern I had.

Vicky Buzzard

January 2018

Talked to friends about a beach trip over New Year's week end and couldn't believe the deal she found for us ... wonderful time!

Stacey Adams

January 2018

Lesa is AMAZING!!!!! She helped organize a tri to Hawaii in February 2017 and several excursions. She was able to resolve the airline issues and a luggage issue. She worked her magic in booking our cruise this month as well as organizing our Disney Princess Half marathon trip next month (February 2018). Can’t wait to see where our travels take us next. Thanks so much Lesa!

College email

December 2017

Treated me as if I were family. Very professional, made getting a hotel very easy and worry free. She haf found the best rate in the area. 10/10 would do business again!

Sandra Adams

Lesa, was extremely helpful in finding us a flight to Texas. She was very informative with things that would make our trip a pleasant one. Which it was. She is now our go to gal for traveling. We would highly recommend her to our family and friends.


Lesa is Awesome!

Sarah Gillette May 2018 Google review

Lesa has helped my husband and I Plan several vacations. She will help with anything big or small. She gets you the best deals and upgrades when possible. She was so helpful and we had to do very little planning. When we were on our most recent vacation we were so pleased that everything was so perfectly planned and went so smoothly. When we had some questions even after hours she was more than happy to help. We will always use Lesa to help us plan trips from now on! Thank you Lesa! 💜

Travis Hodges via email:

Thank you so much!!!!!! you have went above and beyond with everything I was truly skeptic about a travel agent doing things for us. but now after working with you we will never vacation anywhere without you. Thank you again for booking our first big trip as a married couple and we are looking forward to the many adventures to come !!!!! Thank you so much again!!!! 

Diane Thompson Via Google

Perfect Getaways did a great job for us on our adventure. Lesa booked us a Panama Canal cruise for 17 days, from there she helped us with, car rentals, hotels, Amtrak and flights for the rest of our adventure from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Denver to Pennsylvania to Virginia then back to our home in Florida. What a perfect experience through Lesa/Perfect Getaways LLC WOW!!!! And to think she did all this and at the helm all the way and never charged us a fee for it. We will gladly use her again!